Purifying Hope

Purifying Hope

R.G. Flexon
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There are theorists in the church, and then there are practitioners. R.G. Flexon was a practitioner. In Purifying Hope he shows that he can hold his own in worship, but in this book he is primarily concerned with the way the Christian functions, both as an individual and as a member of the body of believers. In the first section, “Edifying the Church,” he delves into its workings, diagnosing and prescribing how to strengthen it while handling troubling times and avoiding pitfalls. In “An Eternal Effect” he turns his attention to young people. He shuns the modern tendency to serve as a warm, fuzzy “life coach;” instead he considers the lasting effects of government policies, educational influences, church and Sunday School, and the consequences of home life. Rather than over-spiritualizing the lives of young people, he reveals principles to ensure a rich, wholesome social life. The author carries this style over into the life of the Christian in “Abundant Living.” He casts aside negative thinking and sinful behavior, urging a worry-free development of robust faith and growth in grace. In the final section, “Purifying Hope,” he looks at trending timelines in the ethereal lights of prophecy. Through it all runs, subtly, the thread of a life of holiness, pleasing to God. 
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